Hi, I’m Lavender Linda, named as such due to the lavender/purple streaks in my hair.

I was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and spent my youth in a suburb of Montreal called Lachine. We were a typical middle class family, not rich, and not poor. My two sisters and I always had nice clothes, a bicycle as kids, and we lived a typical middle class life.

I married, had a son, and moved to a suburb of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. In Kemptville, we raised our son, and I worked for Bell Canada in Ottawa. It was in Kemptville that I was widowed when my son was 17 years of age.

Five years later I met my current husband, Malcolm, and we moved to Virginia. I continued working in the communication industry for many years. In those years we moved from Virginia to Pennsylvania, to New Jersey, and then to Vancouver, Canada for two years where I worked for the police department.

We moved back to the US to California around 2008 and have lived in both California and Washington State since. While in California, we owned a flower shop. We are currently in Birch Bay, Washington.

I have retired multiple times and currently work part time for a theater company in California.

I intend to blog about everyday life: cooking, gardening, DIY, health, dogs, and anything else that may be interesting. Since we are new to Birch Bay, I intend to blog as we learn more about our surroundings.

This begins yet another chapter! My philosophy is you are never too old to learn anything new and hope to bring you along on my journey.