TV Gallery Wall

There is nothing more ugly than looking at a large wall with just a TV on it!

This is how I decorated our TV wall. As you can see, the television is not wall mounted but sitting on two credenzas. In looking at Pinterest, and a suggestion from my friend Tania, I created a ‘travel’ themed gallery wall.

The majority of the pictures are ones I either purchased or took when on our travels around the US/Canada/Europe. I purchased the larger ones. (If all the pictures were the same size, the wall would be incredibly boring)! I always liked to purchase a print from interesting cities as a reminder of our trip. Photographs are good, but really, how often do you look at the pictures you took when vacationing?

When the TV is not on, I love looking at the wall. And, when the TV is on, the pictures do not detract from whatever is playing on the television.

How did you decorate around your TV?

Author: Linda

3 thoughts on “TV Gallery Wall

  1. Hahaha
    We have a blank wall behind ours but the wall is small and the TV is huge. Not much room for anything else.
    I like the idea of purchasing a print from travels. I think we’ve only done that a couple of time’s but at least they are framed and hanging.

    1. I think I still have a few left to hang somewhere. Typically too many on one wall look terrible in my opinion. The gallery wall is different obviously.

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