(Video) A Walk down Memory Lane with Recipes

This afternoon I waded through all the recipes I’ve collected over the years. Some had been passed down from my mother, some from other family members, ad some from friends. I’ve also collect a lot just from seeing them online somewhere.

I sorted through them all. Some I discarded as I’ll never make them. They looked good at the time but in all honesty, they’re gone!

Many brought back memories of when I was a kid at home with my parents and two sisters. Another when I was a teenager camping with my aunt and uncle and their three boys. Another from my cousin who has passed on.

Each one made me think about when I had last made the recipe, why, and who was I with!

I’m sure you have those favorite meals, recipes, etc and a story about it’s origin or the happy memories they invoke when you think about them.

Author: Linda

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