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Here is how I approached decorating a long entryway:

The entryway (foyer) is long (21 ft), and wide (6 1/2 ft), not your typical ‘hallway’. I wanted the look to be welcoming and elegant.

I had been searching for a piece of art that would compliment the ‘indentation’ in the wall as you first enter. So far no luck. I wanted a piece that was sculptural and didn’t break the bank! The circular piece of art I found at “At Home’ in Bellingham sits there right now until I can find just the right piece.

Circular modern art piece

On the left is an ‘Aglaonema’ (Chinese Evergreen) plant. This plant has an interesting background. My husband, Malcolm, brought it home from an old work location almost dead. We potted it, and I babied it for several years. It did so well, we were able to split it into two. I have the other part in our bedroom.

‘Aglaonema’ (Chinese Evergreen) plant

One day when I was visiting my family in Vancouver, BC, and on one of my many trips to Granville Island, I saw this ‘Three Sisters’ print in Wickannish Gallery: www.wickaninnishgallery.com. The artist is a First Nations artist, Betty Albert. I loved it right away because a) I am one of three sisters, and b) one of the sisters was dressed in purple (my favorite color). It complements the plant nicely.

Moving along down the entryway, is the mirror and vase which were both purchased at ‘Home Goods’ in Bellingham. A mirror seemed like a logical addition to an entryway and I fell in love with the vase the minute I saw it.

Entryway mirror and vase

Lastly, I had one more corner to decorate, the one leading into the main part of our home. Initially I wanted a tall plant, however, with two puppies running around, it was not a good choice. The plant is another ‘Aglaonema’ (Chinese Evergreen)plant which I purchased at Lowes in Bellingham.

‘Aglaonema’ (Chinese Evergreen) plant

I love the look of the entryway and have to mention that I had help from my friend Tania. One day when she was visiting from California, we went on a major shopping spree in Bellingham. What a great way to decorate, with a friend!

Entryway of our home
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