(Video) DIY Project – Recovering a foot stool.

Supplies required:

  • measuring tape
  • flower box
  • velcro tape
  • scissors
  • staple gun
  • fabric

This project began with a flower box that I sprayed a grey colour and flipped upside down! Then I asked my husband to cut a piece of plywood, or similar sturdy material, to the same size as the ‘top’ of the flower box (12 inches square).

Place the velcro on all four edges of the box as in the video. I used 2 inch wide velcro for this project. Judge according to the size of the project you are undertaking.

Next, I cut a piece of 3 inch foam the same size, 12″ x 12″. Using spray glue on the foam, I wrapped the foam on all four sides and the top with cotton batting (which can be purchased at most fabric shops or in a craft supplies store). Then, using spray glue again, adhere the foam to the piece of plywood.

Place your measuring tape beneath the seat cover and measure so that the tape would be about 2 inches larger than the top and two sides. Cut the fabric accordingly.

Begin by stapling the fabric to the plywood in the center of the side. Then place another two staples on either side of the first staple approximately and inch apart.. Next, turn the cushion to the opposite side, pull the fabric tight, and staple in the middle directly opposite the first staple of the opposite side. (refer to the video). Continue placing another two staples while pulling the fabric tight.

Repeat the above process on the other two sides.

Corners can be a bit tricky. Refer to the video to complete this portion. Trim away any excess fabric in the corners to reduce the ‘bulk’. Staple to secure.

Line up the covered top with the top of the flower box and press tightly to secure the pieces together.

Hope you have enjoyed this project. I’m looking forward to the next one!

Note: This process can be applied to any size project. If you are covering a bench for example, use a larger length of velcro.

Author: Linda

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