(Video) Happy Birthday Bella and Beau, our labradoodle pups!

Happy Birthday to our two precious gifts, Bella and Beau! Siblings, born July 28, 2019. They joined our family on September 28, 2019 and we cannot imagine not having them in our family now.

It wasn’t always easy. The first two. months were horrible. Trying to train two puppies at the same time is not recommended for a 74 year old! Even though they were corralled in our kitchen, they were peeing every other minute it seemed. I was taking them out ever 20 minutes but to no avail.

We hired a trainer to teach us how to train them. They walked around the house on lease really well with the promise of a treat. They learned how to ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ and ‘leave it’ quickly also. On one of the trips our trainer made to our house, I mentioned I wanted to place a bell on the door for them to indicate they wanted out. We were told that wouldn’t work with two pups.

When they were approximately two months old, I put the bell on the door anyway. I nudged their noses against the bell every time I took them out and it wasn’t long before they got the idea! Hallelujah! What a relief that was.

Sleeping at night was always good. They went into their crate at 11pm every night and have slept right through the night from day one. To this day the routine is the same. Routine has proved to be so important in getting them to their first birthday.

They are so fun. Bella is the tiny one. She was about four pounds when we brought her home and she is now 15 pounds. I don’t think she’ll get any larger. he’s tiny BUT, she is the BOSS! Bella is very attached to my husband Malcolm and waits for him to get home at night to be on his knee.

Beau is the larger of the two. He was around nine pounds when we brought him home and is now 25 pounds. He likes to sleep on the back of the sofa with his head on my shoulder. We’ve never had a dog a large as Beau.

With the pandemic and the stay in place order, they have not been properly socialized in meeting other people. We are new in Birch Bay and do not know anyone. My family lives in Canada and we are not permitted to travel yet. So meeting anyone new is craziness. They love everyone and want to jump on them. We are working on this!

I cannot imagine a home without a dog!

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