Don’t worry, be Purple!

I noticed my first grey hair when I was in Grade 8!

Premature grey runs on my mother’s side of the family. I don’t ever remember my mother having anything BUT grey hair. All of my mother’s sisters were prematurely grey as are my own sisters.

I began dying my hair when I was in my twenty’s. It’s been every color you can imagine, solid colors, and streaked colors. I smile to myself now when I had my hair dark with whitish streaks. I was single, living at home with my parents and working at Bell Canada (a very conservative company). One day I decided I would make the streaks lighter by putting in a purple rinse. I guess I rinsed it for too long and all the streaks turned purple. I remember being up half the night washing my hair multiple times before I had to go to work in the morning. Purple streaks were not in fashion then! I guess I was a few years ahead of my time.

As I got older and had more grey hair, I started dying it a lighter color and eventually it was a white blonde which was perfect because the grey roots didn’t show.

When I retired for the last time, I stopped dying my hair.

One day, when I lived in Vancouver, BC, I was having my hair cut and in the next chair was a woman with white hair that was having a few magenta streaks put in her hair. I loved it and wasn’t aware at that time that it was even possible to add other colors.

Upon moving to California shortly after, I had my hairdresser add the purple streaks to the front of my hair. After awhile I started doing it myself more for convenience than anything else.

So there is the story of the purple streaks. They’re fun! I get lots of complements from every age group about my hair. It brings a smile to others faces.

BUT, the most important thing is that I love it! Life is short, do what make you happy! Add purple streaks to your hair!

Author: Linda

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